flowers on keyboard

Furry coworkers, books, and business…oh, my!

The den is uncharacteristically quiet this morning. My only coworker is my husband who is also working from home today. (It’s possible we are both “working.”)

The puppy has been banished to the outdoors because she thought it was a good idea to eat a couple of apricots off the ground and has the runs. The kitten and fat cat are lazily snuggled in the other room.

And the children are at their other parent’s house for the weekend.


Some days when I go to work, (or walk into the den) I’m brimming with ideas and to do lists. Other days, I stare at the blinking cursor willing it to work its magic and inspire me instead of the other way around.

Building a business has been exhilarating, frustrating, exciting, stressful, and awesome. I’m finally owning the fact that I own and run a business. I’m taking myself seriously. I still have moments each week when I feel that imposter syndrome kicking in, but I kick it to the curb when I remind myself of my successes. (If you struggle with imposter syndrome, Jenna Kutcher had a fantastic podcast episode this week! )

The puppy howls outside my window. She sings every time a fire truck or ambulance siren passes our house. The station is down the road…so some days she sings often.

Rain splatters on the window and the cool summer day is a relief. Even inside my cozy office, the heat has been consuming.

And that reminds me.

Where the Crawdads Sing on Kindle

I read the most fantastic book this summer. My husband puts my reading habit to shame as he consumes them much quicker than I do right now.

But if you are looking for a story to get lost in, I highly recommend Where the Crawdads Sing. Get lost in the life of a young girl left to fend for herself at a young age. Watch as she grows, matures, learns. The author did an incredible job of character development. And the storyline flows effortlessly.

And if you are like me, at some point near the beginning, you’ll say to yourself, “Uh, oh. I’m going to cry at the end of this book.”

And you will. But it’s soooooo good.

I hear the kittens running laps through the house and I remember I should probably finish up client work for this week. I’m ready to disconnect.

Happy Friday.

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