About Me

Stacey Bishop

These about me pages are hands down the hardest part of starting a new website. It’s the ultimate in practicing the humble brag and it’s almost as bad as writing a resume, though not quite. 

I started blogging in 2008, back when mom blogs were all the rage. You could find me several days a week posting about my larger than average family. (My former site was Stacey’s Mothering Moments. It no longer exists due to hackers and an inattentive blogger. Poor Mr. Guy at the hosting company heard me sob over the phone when I learned of it’s demise.) I learned the ins and outs of digital marketing as I built out my blog and ultimately used those skills to build a career after my divorce. 

I determined recently that while mom blogs are no longer what they once were, I still find myself yearning for a means of expressing myself and talking about this crazy life. 

I am a mom of 7 and a step mom of 2. I am a newlywed, a hiker, a writer, and a lover of wine. I have two cats, and a dog who doesn’t know her name due to the children bastardizing it (Luna) at every turn. (She has been called Lulu, Ruru, Ruuuuuu, and other equally horrifying variations.) Words make my heart happy and I’m delighted to have a new space to call home.

You can find my professional site here.