Book Review: Ready Player One

It’s 2:30 a.m. and I can’t sleep so I sit huddled on the couch in my den reading under the glow of a small, silver lamp. Just a chapter until I fall asleep.

Ok. Maybe two chapters.

Fine, I’ll finish the book.

4 a.m.

Time flies when you are voraciously reading the end of a good book.

Ready Player One

I know.

The movie just came out.  

But you’ll miss out on the best 80’s references if you don’t read the book. 


Don’t watch the movie within 12 hours of finishing the book.

I found the movie to be disappointing simply because it didn’t truly follow the book. At all. 

Ok, so maybe a little. But there were major plot points missing (like why it was called Ready Player One). I was really excited to see how they were going to incorporate some of the elements knowing they’d have to leave things out. But alas…

The Book

The book was riddled with fantastic 80’s references. Games. Culture. Movies. 

It was a fun, quick read and was instantly engaging with plenty of action. I loved how it played off of every mother’s fear of her children’s future…

A culture of people so engrossed in video games or virtual reality that personal interactions become a thing of the past. Coupled nicely with that is the idea that who we are online isn’t who we are in person, both physically and in our personality. I thought the book addressed those themes in a fun way that brought out the possible problems with meeting someone online.

Plus there was the ultimate PacMan game.

And Monty Python.

And Ferris Beuller…one of the most classic movies of the 80’s. (In my humble opinion.)

So What?

This was a fun read for anyone familiar with the 80’s era and a book I would absolutely recommend. I’d be very interested to talk to someone of the young adult genre to see if they enjoyed the book even though they might miss out on some of the references.

The movie?

It was cute, fun, and energetic. I think my kids will totally dig it. Me…not so much. I’m a bit of a stickler for books and movies being at least close to each other thematically as well as consistent plot points. Who knows…maybe I expect too much.

What did you think?

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