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    Life Update Or Virtual Christmas Card

    Ah. Life. Here it is December of yet another whirlwind of a year. I’m realizing I haven’t posted anything in my mishmash family blog since April. A lot happens in those months when you have a large family. Or really, if you have a family at all. Highlights: We are discovering the importance of the right mental health meds for kids and grownups alike. School is going. Man it’s tough to have 3 in high school, 2 in middle school and 2 grade schoolers. But everyone is getting good grades. Most of the time. Nick and I still have the same jobs. Yay. With any luck, we’ll have a couch…

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    The sound of rain against the glass is my companion all morning. The dog barks, pulling me from my work and reminding me the world exists outside of my den. My phone buzzes with the familiar text: Lunch? I text back: Yup The house is quieter than it’s been in months. All six kiddos are back in school and the cats and dogs are as baffled by the silence as I am. We sit quietly at the table munching on our usual lunch fare. Some combination of a sandwich, chips and a few carrots just to be a little healthy. Nick looks up at me and says, “Want to go…

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    Mental Health During a Pandemic

    “Are you happy?” My husband asks. I pause and think and finally say, “I don’t know. I’m not sure what that looks like anymore.” Fast forward (or rather slow forward) some months… I sit on my front porch surrounded by dirt and pots and plants. I’m focused on creating a fairy garden because I desperately need a project. Something to distract from months of stress. Months of worry about stressed-out teens. Never-ending months of worry about work and insurance and everyone’s mental health. Anxiety has been my companion for decades, but everyone has been home and inside and the weather refuses to warm up. So I sit and tinker. And…