I’m a Mama Dragon

“We are so glad you felt comfortable talking to us. We love you no matter what!”

I wasn’t always an ally. I didn’t grow up that way. My understanding and opinions have changed quite a bit though. As an adult, I’ve often stated that I support the LGBTQ community and thought I would easily support any of my children who felt part of the community.

Learning about my baby dragons changed what I thought I knew. It changed how easy I thought it would be to be supportive.

Fear set in. What if it’s just a phase? What’s the deal with pronouns? What if I’m supporting them wrong? How do I parent my baby dragon? What will people think of them? What if they are bullied?

Their journey is theirs to tell, but I’ve watched as my baby dragons have grown to accept themselves and have admired their patience with us. We have watched them grow in ways that are astounding.

“Mom, Look! My flags came!”

“Oh! I didn’t know there were so many flags!”

“This one is for non-binary, this one is for agender, and this one is a lesbian flag. I’m going to go hang them in my room.”

“Cool. Maybe we should get a pride flag for the porch?”

We’ve had the benefit of working with amazing therapists to help us understand our baby dragons. 100% recommend.

But there were still things I found I felt conflicted about in ways I couldn’t explain. Then, I found the Mama Dragons. The community and education have helped me understand gender and identity in a whole new way.

It’s opened my heart and my mind and I’m full of love for my humans.

We’ve had a crash course in all things LGBTQ+ over the last six months. I am a proud Mama Dragon and Daddy Dragon is right there beside me.

It’s a challenge to change the way you think.

“Mom, maybe we should wait until after they get here to hang our flag.”

“Why would we do that?”

“I’m not sure their mom would be comfortable.”

“Oh. That’s sad. But we want them to know they are welcome here, no matter what. Is it ok if we hang our flag?”

“That’s true. I actually think they’d like to see it.”

“Awesome! Love you kiddo.”

It turns out…Love is the most important thing we can give our children.

Love…is love.

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